Raúl Benencia

apt-get install yerba-mate

apt-get install yerba-mate

Hello, and welcome. I’m Rul and this is my blog, titled apt-get install yerba-mate.

I publish mostly technical musings, usually related to the Debian project and free software in general. There’s also a Spanish version.


Debian contributions log — Vol. 3

Greetings from somewhere. fortunes-it Prepared NMU that fixes the following typo bugs: #787140 #788097 #792271 #833062 devscripts Reported #996392. The bug describes a typo in “nmudiff” manpage. Included a patch. Reported #996565. The bug describes a misleading situation with the delay header when nmudiff is run by a non-DD. Included a patch. foremost Foremost is a program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. Read more…

Debian contributions log — Vol. 2

Greetings from San Francisco, and welcome to another round of Debian contribution logs. Days are getting darker and shorter as summer breezes out unamusingly. Perhaps it was not my coldest winter, but it was chilly anyway.

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Debian contributions log — Vol. 1

Greetings from a windy San Francisco. This blog is a bit quiet; let’s fix that. I will start making some noise by sharing my contributions to the Debian project.

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DebConf 19

After many years of virtually assisting DebConf — the annual Debian conference — I’ve finally had the opportunity of going and enjoying it in-person. This year it was held in Curitiba, Brasil.

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Kafka Topics: Pitfalls and Insights

A few weeks ago I published an article on ThousandEyes' blog describing my experiences with Kafka Topics.

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