Raúl Benencia

DebConf 19

After many years of virtually assisting DebConf — the annual Debian conference — I’ve finally had the opportunity of going and enjoying it in-person. This year it was held in Curitiba, Brasil.

Parque Tanguá, Curitiba
Parque Tanguá, Curitiba.

It was a unique experience; not only did I get to put a face to the names and nicks — and nicks and names to many new faces — I also got to present Shoelaces to the wider Debian community.

As I mentioned in the talk, I wanted the talk to spark some interest on any DD that was willing to sponsor the Shoelaces package into the Debian archive, but I was lucky enough to get it even before the talk. Thank you, Dererk! It’s official, Shoelaces is available on Debian.

Kudos to the DebConf Video Team for doing an amazing job with the recording, and to the DebConf Team in general for having organized such a wonderful event. Overall, I’m quite happy with the experience and would definitely do it again.