Raúl Benencia

Debian contributions log — Vol. 2

Greetings from San Francisco, and welcome to another round of Debian contribution logs. Days are getting darker and shorter as summer breezes out unamusingly. Perhaps it was not my coldest winter, but it was chilly anyway.

San Francisco's Bay Bridge
San Francisco's Bay Bridge


Shoelaces is a tool for automating servers bootstrapping. I gave a talk about it on DebConf 19. On these contributions batch, I’ve:

  • Uploaded golang-github-namsral-flag version 1.7.4~alpha+git20170814.67f268f2-2 and golang-github-justinas-alice version 1.2.0-1. These packages are Shoelaces’s dependencies. I’ve prepared their release the month before, but didn’t have write permissions on their git repo. Tina kindly gave them to me. Thank you!

Prometheus Nginx VTS exporter

The prometheus-nginx-vts-exporter package is a Prometheus exporter for Nginx VTS metrics.

  • Shortly after I created this package for Debian, support was added for exporting Prometheus metrics directly from the plugin itself. Consequently, upstream decided to stop the development of this exporter. Being no longer useful to have this package on Debian, I filed a removal request.

Emacs theme — Zenburn

This package provides a low contrast color theme for Emacs. Zenburn is designed to minimise eye strain during long periods of work.

  • After reviewing the current packaging situation, I expressed my intent to adopt zenburn-emacs.

  • I’ve prepared a new upstream release and brushed up its packaging. Then, I’ve requested sponsorship. Sean Whitton kindly uploaded it for me.

  • #988297 was opened, in what must be the highest record between adopting a package and getting a bug reported on it. I’ve prepared a fix release.

Emacs theme — Clues

The clues-emacs package provides a theme for Emacs. I adopted it during DebConf 19.

  • Updated VCS to include a non-maintainer upload.

The Mole

The Mole is an automatic SQL Injection exploitation tool.

  • Updated VCS to include a non-maintainer upload.


Foremost is a program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures.

  • Uploaded foremost version 1.5.7-11, which includes a rediff of its patches to use gbp pq and a fix to bug #994067.