Made it to Libreplanet

After being inactive for quite a while in one of my passions, free software, I’m glad to say that I’m slowly coming back. During the last months I have been steadily giving love to my infrastructure, migrating some servers from jessie to stretch and moving all the configuration that I have been tuning for years to something reproducible, meaning, I finally have my infrastructure as code.

This year in particular I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Boston, Massachusetts, to the annual Libreplanet conference.

Boston awaking
Next to the Charles River, Boston is awakening

It’s been a long trip from San Francisco, I didn’t get a lot sleep, but all the sleepiness went away during my first impressions of the city. See, it doesn’t snow in the city where I’m originally from, so seeing the snow piled-up next to the side-walk has certain charm that I like.

Anyway, if you are around at the conference, come, chat, exchange GPG keys! Today I’ll be going to SpinachCon and later in the day to the FSF Open House.

See you around!