About me

My name is Raúl Benencia, or usually just Rul. I’m an Argentinian expat living in the United States, in San Francisco, California. I mess with computers for a living, working as a Site Reliability Engineer at a startup, and for fun, contributing to free software projects whenever the time allows. I’m particularly interested in the Debian project, for which I contribute with packages and patches. I’m a free software advocate and an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation.

My academic life consists of a Licentiate degree in computer science and an in-course Master’s degree in data networks, where I still need to complete my thesis. I’ve also been a Teaching Assistant in several subjects at the Facultad de Informática, Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

I also have a life beyond computers and coding. I like to read non-fiction books, usually about politics and social justice. I like to write and that’s why I keep a blog, although I don’t update it as frequently as I would like to. I like to hike and get exposed to nature in its crudest forms. I’m also an Argentine Tango zealot. I not only enjoy dancing the night away in a milonga, but also I’m a geeky collector of its songs, orchestras, lyrics and lore.

About this website

This website runs on Debian. It was written using Emacs and Hugo, with the help of the template hugo-coder. The beautiful wizard on the header was taken from OpenGameArt.